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Jennifer Simmons 

Certified Personal Trainer, USA Level 1 strength coach certified, LPTA, Pound Instructor, Owner

First of all, I have the BEST job ever. I love being able to help someone believe in themselves and see that they are stronger in so many ways than they give themselves credit for. I love connecting with them and being there for them as they have the courage to pursue change. I love watching doubt turn into hope, fear turn into “attack”, and I love to see their self-confidence change as they realize that someone believes in them and won’t ever stop. Pretty soon, they start to believe too. Training for me IS personal, because that’s where the root of the problem is. It’s the best thing in the world to see someone achieve their goals and realize that they, yes THEY DID IT!

A little about me

Ever since I was a young child sitting in the back of my Mom’s aerobics class (yes leotards and scrunch sock era!) I knew I wanted to be in the world of health and fitness. Both my parents had health professions so “health talk” was very common around our house. It became even more common and important after my father had a heart attack and we as a family watched as he made some dramatic changes to nutrition and activity. At age 18, I certified as a group fitness instructor through ACE. I started to teach at the YMCA in Idaho Falls (my first classes were NOT pretty lol), then moved over to the Apple Athletic Club. My love for health and fitness only intensified as I grew older, but in a different way. I went to college and got my associate’s degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant and grew passionate about the importance of quality movement in our lives! I could see first-hand how health and fitness could affect you long term, and witnessing the quality of life through my profession as a PTA opened my eyes to how imperative it is to live a healthy lifestyle. And to just MOVE! In Pocatello, I have been lucky enough to teach at ISU, the Rec Center, and Gold’s Gym. I learned and grew as a professional at each of those places, and am thankful for the time spent there. In 2015 I realized that I needed to follow my passion and just bite the bullet to take the certification for Personal Training and got NASM certified. I decided to set out on my own and joined up with B.A. Athletic Training to teach Bootcamp. From there, I pursued my dream of opening my own gym and along the road have met the incredible individuals you see here.
I don’t know why I have been so blessed to have been surrounded by genuinely good people, but I am definitely not complaining! They are passionate about health and fitness and they want to help spread that passion! They each exemplify in their own way, the Jriven spirit! Please take a minute to read about each of them and see what makes Jriven different!!

meet our coaches

Shaleah Scoresby

Certified Personal Trainer


My name is Shaleah (or Shay) Scoresby. Health and fitness have always been a driving force in my life. I remember as a little girl watching my brothers play little league football and being SO jealous! I would pester my mom until she let me “race” against the football sprints about 100 yards away so I wouldn’t be too much of a distraction. Once in high school, I played soccer and volleyball and ran track. Sprinting and long jumping were always my favorites. My plans were to further my career in track with scholarships in college but were halted due to injury. Once recovered from bilateral ankle surgery I continued to pursue fitness in the gym. Now as a mother of 2 I have continued to pursue my love of Fitness! I love being in the gym, running, or biking outside. This love lead me to certifying as a personal trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).  I love fitness and enjoy celebrating what our bodies can do! I have always enjoyed goal setting and love to help others reach their goal.

Carol Gilbert

Pound Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer

ACE certified personal trainer
TRX certified

Fitness in some form has been a part of my life since I was a little girl.  From dance classes to collegiate cheerleading to working out in the gym and now teaching a group fitness class.  My love for fitness continues to grow.  I decided in 2016 to get my personal trainer certification so I could gain a deeper knowledge of the fundamentals of fitness.  From there,  I went on to get certified in Pound and Refit.  I love teaching classes and sharing my enthusiasm with others.  I love being a part of other people’s fitness journey’s and watching them accomplish their goals. I have struggled in my journey with a few injuries and balancing my goals with my desire to help my family and actively live my life to the fullest. As I have grown older, I have had to adjust some exercises that I love and really work on my form. But I enjoy the journey every single day and I’m excited to use my real-life experience to enhance my ability to teach others. Here’s to rocking on!

Jacci Wilson

Certified Personal Trainer

RYT 200 Yoga Instructor
PTA (physical therapy assistant)

Monica Keller

Certified Personal Trainer

CrossFit Kettlebell
RYT 200 (yoga)
Physical Mind Institute Pilates
(ACSM personal trainer, AFAA group fitness, Les Mills BodyPump, Silver Sneakers)

Shellie Davis

Certified Personal Trainer

Surge Fit

Kendra Pongah

Certified Personal Trainer

ISSA Certified Kickboxing Instructor
ISSA Group Fitness Instructor

Ashley Palmer

Certified Personal Trainer

Associates degree in Exercise Science with an Emphasis in Personal Training
ISSA elite trainer and NCCPT

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