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Getting fit is hard

Have you experienced any of these challenges?


lack of time 

We provide at-home workouts you can do anywhere


Lack of accountability 

Use our platform for easy access to macros and guidance! 


class time DOESN'T fit your schedule 

Finding trainers that can accommodate those class times!

your health matters to me

I believe everyone should have a chance to live life unlimited by physical barriers within our control. I am happiest when I feel strong and free! I know what it feels like to face health challenges, and injuries, and to feel limited based on these things. I am committed to helping you build the lifestyle habits you need to feel strong and successful!


getting started is easy

Follow our simple 3-step process to get started!

Step 1

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Step 2

Fill out the form and schedule your free class

Step 3

Show up to your first class

our promise

At Jriven, you will get a personal training experience within the group training classes. We will meet you where you are and help you feel confident as you build your strength, coordination, balance, and conditioning.

attention to detail

Using the correct form is our first priority

individualized coaching

Training programs custom-built for you, in a group setting

full spectrum group training schedule

Designed to address all aspects of fitness

welcoming community

Free from judgment or competition 

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